What is a blog?

The term blog is the short form of the word “weblog”.

Blog is a kind of website that you update its contents in a regular basis to express yourself to the world.
In a blog there are separated contents with publishing date, author, category and tags attributes for each content.

Each separated content is called a blog “Post”. It may contains texts, images, videos or all of them together.
The posts are arranged by their publishing dates. The newest post are at the top of the others.
Usually a blog can contain a limited number of posts per page. If there are more posts, a navigation menu appears at the bottom to let you access older posts.
The readers of the blog can share their comments about each post. Usually there is a comment form at the bottom of each post, in which the reader can write and send their thoughts about the post.
Why do you need a blog?

All of us have something to say. Blogging is a great way to do that.
Blog is place to share your works, photographs, home decoration ideas, your experience about everything, and see what others think about your posts.

You need a blog to share your thought and get feedback about that. You can share your skills and help your readers solve their problem.

Blog is a way to make money. There are a lot of ways to make money through your blog.

Who is a Blogger ?
The short answer is “You”. When you create a blog for yourself and start writing a blog, then you are a blogger.
A blogger is the one who writes content for blogs. Whether he is owner of the blog or writes for other blogs.

What is Blogging?
Blogging is the act of writing contents for a blog.

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