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I Lived Out My Sexual Fantasy With My Teacher, This Is What It Was Like

fantasy stories about sex
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Late Night At The Office A Free Erotic Story Of Office Life

Everyone knew Jess liked to stay in the office long after everyone else had gone home. Her work ethic was office legend.

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The Erotic Fantasy sub-genre, as the name suggests, contains strong sexual elements. The overall story of an Erotic Fantasy book are often consistent with more conventional Fantasy books, but the content is much more graphic. Erotic Fantasy is not so much defined by its story as by its sceneswhich include numerous and rather detailed sex scenes. There are some "erotic" fantasy which are thinly veiled porn novels, however -- so while some erotic fantasy novels are simply fantasy books with more graphic sex scenes with an emphasis on sexual encounters , other erotic fantasy books firmly embrace the erotic side of things and elements like plot, characters, and story take a decidedly back seat to the sexual elements. Some Erotic Fantasy stories can be relatively flat, but others have the depth to explore ideas, frequently those related to sex and relationships.



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    This is for everyone that love sex stories, and embracing the beauty of love at the same time. A compilation of many stories, you would get many saucy, spicy, raw, sweet, passionate erotic love stories, as well as many kinds of sinful fantasies. [Romance/ ShortStory/ Mystery.

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