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Stepping into the office was like jumping into the shark tank with a bleeding wound. She gulped roughly, eyeing her coworkers with a few familiar faces. She had taken a few months off; she needed time for herself after the revolution that ended in flames.

He was a ferry man at the river Eunos. He offered his help, offering trust to help her along the way. Hercules slew Nessus with arrows as revenge. Nessus successfully tricked her, as his poisonous blood killed Hercules. Dejanira, out of jealous rage over another woman, a few years later exposed Hercules to the blood. Realizing what it actually was then it was too late. Thus the astrological Nessus represents a variety of themes: betrayed trust, poisonous jealousy, but chiefly inappropriate sexual actions, anything from outright rape to harassment at work.


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