How to stretch your foreskin

What causes a tight foreskin?

how to stretch your foreskin
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This is an in-depth guide on phimosis stretching. We have also included pictures and illustrations for each section to better illustrate the process of stretching.
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Tight foreskin (phimosis and paraphimosis)

This is generally the case when you cannot insert fingers inside the foreskin. You will need to stretch the hole wider.
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Can I Treat Penile Phimosis by Stretching the Foreskin?

Phimosis is a common and relatively normal condition in babies and young children until around 7 years old. But if phimosis results in swelling , redness , irritation, or trouble peeing from the foreskin squeezing the head of the penis, you may need treatment for the underlying cause. Before you try stretching your foreskin, keep the following in mind:. Repeat these steps two to four times a day until you can fully retract your foreskin without any pain or discomfort. The high water temperature helps loosen the skin and makes it easier to stretch. Combine stretching in the bath with the steroid cream method to help you fully retract your foreskin sooner. But you may want to be a little gentler and more careful, as the foreskin might be even tighter or more uncomfortable during an erection.

Below are described two phimosis treatment techniques for stretching a tight foreskin:.


  1. Olivier A. says:

    Phimosis isn't always a major cause for concern, and you may be able to gently stretch your foreskin until it returns to its normal position.

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