Fatal combat full movie

Fatal Combat

fatal combat full movie
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In this martial arts film, the quiet, peaceful life of a college professor changes dramatically after young thugs stab his pregnant wife and she.
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No Exit AKA Fatal Combat (1995) Review

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No Exit remains relevant today with an interesting subject matter and some decent action. Plot: Professor John Stoneman Teaches at the local university.
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All action movie stars can be divided into two types: 1 totally inarticulate, muscle-bound galoots who obviously can't act Stallone, Lundgren, Van Damme, etc. Genesse, Roddy Piper. Also, this stripped-for-action martial arts pic has the nerve to espouse a nonviolent philosophy and then celebrate the head-bashing reflexes needed to enforce its pseudo-pacifism. When his pregnant wife, Carmel Guylaine St. Onge , miscarries after an assault in a parking garage, John Stoneman Wincott , a professor specializing in ethics and physical behavior, ponders the legitimacy of his nonaggressive theories.

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    I doubt there is a bad Jeff Wincott movie out there. For B-grade action flicks, all of his I have seen are above average and Fatal Combat is no exception.

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