Bollywood most erotic movies

15 Highest Grossing Bollywood Erotic Movies Of All Time

bollywood most erotic movies
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Top 3 Sex Scenes among 14 Sex Moments in Movie Love

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India and Pakistan are among the top most porn-searching countries in the world. These Hindi dubbed adult and erotic Hollywood movies are actually meant for that horny public as they want to watch the adult content narrated in the language they can understand. These movies are the unforgettable creations of the finest directors of the industry who have selected the sexiest actresses and most desirable actors who can get the audience wet with their steamy chemistry.
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The Top 10 Hindi Dubbed Adult & Erotic Hollywood Movies

100 Greatest Erotic Bollywood Movies

Updated on 15 June, at pm By Mehak Anand. Every Bollywood film has a different kind of spice and flavour. Whether it is action, drama, comedy or just divine romance, these films get released on Fridays with the very hope of performing well on the box office. However, every Bollywood film has to go through the big daddy aka censor board for the green signal to get released. But when this big daddy is upset, he makes sure the kids suffer, in other words, there are some adult films which are so worth watching but get banned nevertheless. The reasons could range from nudity, bold backdrops, intimate scenes, gay relationships or even bold dialogues.

Fall in love with the year's best historical, erotic, and tragic romances. Be sure to check back regularly, as we'll be updating our list as the weeks go by and the kiss count goes up. According to The Guardian , the film's title translates roughly to, "I felt something when I saw that girl," and it's the first movie in mainstream Bollywood to reference a lesbian romance plot line. At the center of it all: a woman named Sweety. In theaters February 1. Get tickets.


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