How to start a blog?

This is an easy step-by-step guide to starting a blog.

  1. Choose a proper domain name for your blog.
  2. Find a high quality web hosting service.
  3. Choose a blog platform.
  4. Choose a blog template.
  5. Create required pages.
  6. Start writing the contents.
  7. Attract visitors to your blog.


1 – Choose a proper domain name for your blog.

Domain name is your blog address by which others can access your blog. is our blog domain name. In order to access our blog, you must type in the address bar of your Internet browser.
Choose a domain that matches your blog topic.
Domain names must be unique, so if anyone else have registered a domain name before, you cannot register it.
How to buy a domain name?
There are many domain name registrar websites like ““. You must subscribe as a customer and then order your desired domain name. The cost of domain names depends on various factors.

2 – Find a high quality web hosting service.

What is web hosting?
Domain name is your blog address but web hosting is the place your blog files are stored. Actually a web hosting provider is a server on the Internet that rents out its hard disk space to its customers to run their websites.
How to buy web hosting?
Usually, domain name registrars like “” offer web hosting plans as well. So you can subscribe as a customer and order both domain and web hosting through one order invoice.

3 – Choose a blog platform.

Blog platform refers to the web based software that lets you run your own blog and gives you the ability to manage your blog content and lets you design your blog.
WordPress is one of the best blog platforms. WordPress is the easiest and more popular content management systems in the world.
Many hosting providers have special hosting plans specially for the WordPress platform.
Some of Web hosting providers present a link in their control panel to install WordPress in a simple way just by one click.
But installing the WordPress is not a hard work.

4 – Choose a blog template.

WordPress platform gives you the ability to choose your desired blog template between thousands of templates provided by template designers from all around the world. There are two type of templates, Free and Premium. Usually Premium templates have more options to configure the blogs. Premium WordPress templates costs from $10 to $150. It depends on the tools it offers to the user. But there are many free WordPress templates that would be perfect for your blog.

5 – Create required pages.

Working with WordPress is so easy but there are many things that you must know before beginning. There are many free tutorials on the Internet. You can use them to learn how to work with WordPress and how to configure your blog.
After installing the WordPress, you can create your required pages for your blog. Usually there are “Contact us”, “About us”, “Privacy policy” pages on almost all website and blogs.
You must learn how to create the pages in WordPress.

6 – Start writing the contents.

After configuring the blog, it’s time to write the first blog post. This is the coolest part of our work.
Write about everything you like. But note that you must add value to the readers. Your blog posts must induce the readers to continue reading and following the blog in the future.

7 – Attract visitors to your blog.

This is the most important part of the work. When you start a new blog, nobody knows it. You must attract the Internet users to your blog. There are many ways to do that. The act of attracting visitors to a website is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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