My pretty boobs

8 Ways to Look Past Your Saggy Boobs and Feel Hot Again

my pretty boobs
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I don't remember having breasts that didn't sag. I used to feel self-conscious, but now I've learned to accept them for what they are.
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My boobs were actually saggy before I had kids., Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

Men talk to my chest and I need two bras… four women speak of their agony at having big boobs

And life is funny that way. Anyway, I never really gave breasts much thought before. More surprisingly, almost all the time.

MANY women love the idea of having bigger boobs — and sometimes pay a fortune to get them. It is not just leering lads that are a problem. Big boobs can also cause serious health concerns. When I was younger, they always commented on my boobs.

I did it— I did my laundry without wearing a bra. They seem to hearken a National Geographic voiceover whenever I de-shirt. Since my nipples are in deep conversation with my toes, doing laundry, or anything in public for that matter, without a bra was something I had never dared to do.


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    Me and my breasts: women reveal all | Life and style | The Guardian

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    How I Learned to Fall in Love with My Saggy Boobs

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