Candy barr burlesque

Candy Barr: Cowgirl Pioneer

candy barr burlesque
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Candy Barr

July 6 was the birthday of Texas born burlesque dancer, stripper, nude model and actress Candy Barr Juanita Dale Slusher, Barr rose to a fame rarely afforded to others in her profession, for a long list of reasons. The U. Nor was she proud of it; she invariably expressed regret that the film existed. But it did make her famous after a fashion and fame gets you hired.

Daughter of a South Texas bricklayer and harmonica player. Candy became a cocktail waitress by age fourteen and got her start in Burlesque by working as a cigarette girl at Barney Weinstein's Theater Lounge in downtown Dallas at age seventeen, later doing an amateur night and was a hit. It was Weinstein who gave her the Ecadyist or Burlesque stage name of 'Candy Barr' Candy loved Snickers Bars , bleached her hair platinum blonde on occasion would be red and would work at in many burlesque clubs as well as Jack Ruby's Las Vegas Club around Ruby gunned down Lee Harvey Oswald and was allegedly romantically involved with mobster Mickey Cohen for a time She was the star attraction right next door to Ruby's called the Colony Club, which was her home base for years. Barr established herself in burlesque and striptease with her trademark costume see photo and being from Texas her gimmick was that she donned a cowboy hat, pasties, scant panties and cowboy boots oh and can not forget a pair of real pearl handled six cap shooters in a holster strapped low on her shapely hips, all matching of course. However she didn't really need a gimmick as she could dance well. It has been written that Candy was the first Porn Star in the film ' Smart Alec' at the age fifteen, this before she started her Burlesque dance career..


  1. Pamela W. says:

    A scarce original 8mm film of Candy Barr, the legendary Texas burlesque queen has been found by Vintage Sleaze the Blog.

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