Aaliyahs tattoo on wrist

14 times celebrities got tattoos of other celebrities

aaliyahs tattoo on wrist
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Aaliyah had four tattoos.

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August 25, Aaliyah and eight other people died in a plane crash on the return trip from shooting a music video in the Bahamas. The crash, which happened about yards from Marsh Harbour Airport on Abaco Island in the Bahamas, was determined to have been caused by the plane being overweight by more than pounds, and with one more person than the plane was rated for. Her parents are Micheal and Diane Haughton.
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Aaliyah had three tattoos. She had a Shooting Star with an "A" on her left wrist to celebrate her love of being on stage and her feeling that she was going places.

Aaliyah's Secret Moments

Maria Fischer. The Beckhams also got matching tattoos in Hebrew to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary. Tatted on me but tht ishh is deeper than the surface She removed the tattoo in because she felt her Monroe tattoo attracted "negative energy. She told the L. Times that she's been " obsessed " with Basquiat since she was a girl. Maria Fischer mariaefischer.

She had a dove tattoo on her lower back, an initial and star on her hand and a music symbol tattoo on her ankle.


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