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He has tan skin and braces. - In many series, there will be a character who is much larger and more intimidating than most everyone else, very strong, often quite quiet, and very often this character will be black.

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Thug Notes is an American educational web series that summarizes and analyzes various literary works in a comedic manner. The series is presented by Sparky Sweets, Ph. The following is an example of Sweets' style from his analysis of To Kill a Mockingbird , one of his most popular: [6] "Only a jive-ass fool would bother capping a mockingbird, cause all them bitches do is just drop next-level beats for your enjoyment. So what my girl Harper trying to say is ratting on Boo Radley wouldn't do no good. It would only rid the hood of one more true-blue player.

The Sun Online can today reveal Mr Wing previously defended Chelsea fans who pushed a black man off a Metro train before a match against Paris Saint-Germain in , saying: "It's not illegal to be racist". The story, posted before any of the men involved were convicted, referenced one of the group, Josh Parsons, being suspended from his job as an investigation was launched. Writing in response to the story three years ago, Mr Wing said: "So, it's not illegal to be racist, no one knows if this man was even singing the song, no-one knows if he even laid a finger on the black man, but the majority here are happy to see him sacked for being on a train. Parsons was later handed a five year banning order with the judge saying he played a leading role in the racist abuse, pushing Mr Sylla off the train and singing "the chant glorifying racism".


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