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Sadie Sinclair (comics)

the mayor comic
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The Mayor - Issue 2 (BLACK N WHITE COMICS)

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Ed Koch (Earth-616)

Ex Machina is an American creator-owned comic book series , created by Brian K. - Mayor Kirous rules the city of Aisho, in which his goal is to make the town "a place of personal absolute bliss".

San Diego Mayor Denies Orlando Bloom Claim He Fled Comic-Con Exhibit Over Immigrant Theme

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Altman (New Earth)

Sadie Sinclair is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is depicted as the mayor of San Francisco and a supporting character of the X-Men. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men Jun. She continued to appear in the following issues of the same book. When "The Goddess" cast an illusion on the entire city, making them believe it was the 60's hippie era, Sadie started wandering around the city, thinking only about soap bubbles and remembering nothing but her hippie name "Sunflower Moonfly" and the fact that she was someone important the morning before. She was saved from being hit by a truck by Angel. She then gladly offered the X-Men sanctuary in San Francisco.

KUSI Newsroom. According to Variety, Bloom told the audience that Faulconer stopped by the Prime Video activation and chose the Carnival Row section to enter. In the installation, fans are asked if they want to be a human or a creature. According to Bloom, the mayor chose creature, and was then given an identity card. Mayor Faulconer and his administration actively work with nonprofits and local agencies to provide shelter to migrant families, and has a long record of advocating for comprehensive immigration reform.


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