Asshole of the internet

Internet Asshole

asshole of the internet
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The Internet Asshole or "Homo Internetus" embodies a wealth of factoids backed up with little to no life experience, a crippling sense of.
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Man Asks the Internet If He Is Being an Asshole for Telling His Pregnant Wife That She Is Lazy

Are You An Internet Asshole?

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Internet Asshole. Most internet assholes are either too lazy or too retarded to hold a real job. In essence, the keyboard ie. Otherwise known as a keyboard warrior the internet asshole is here to stay. The glory of anonymity allows people to be pricks without the usual, mostly physical, repercussions normally dished out in the real world. You will no doubt give off about Chris Writes being a Pseudonym.

In what might be one of the poorer choices he has made recently, a man has taken to the internet to ask if he was being an asshole for telling his pregnant wife that she has become increasingly lazy of late. We are both And we are both physicians. I work a lot currently hours a week on average and am an attending physician. My wife is still finishing her fellowship training. But her fellowship is outpatient based and her hours are great. Maybe 30 hours a week she is in clinic.


  1. Julie R. says:

    The asshole of the internet. Somewhere where nobody wants to be, but still are.

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