Chloe uncharted 2 ass

Feelings for Chloe...Spoilers

chloe uncharted 2 ass

Uncharted: Chloe Frazer Compilation

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Chloe Frazer

For this project I was tasked with creating one of the main heroines, Chloe Frazer. - I thought she was a great character, layered and interesting.

Play as the bad-ass explorer Nathan Drake and try to rescue Chloe from the clutches of murderous thieves and mercenaries in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves! Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is an action-packed side-scrolling shooter video game based on the popular game Uncharted. As with the original game, you will play the role of Nathan Drake.

Developer Naughty Dog brings us back, once again, for another adventure of exploration, treasure hunting, and self discovery in their newest chapter in the Uncharted series. Or does it get lost in the shuffle? As with other titles in the series, I found myself invested in multiple story arcs through the game that kept me wanting to learn as much as possible as I played. Naughty Dog has done an excellent job of pulling Chloe into the foreground and developing her character as one that I felt a genuine connection to. Understanding her past and motives are just a few of the details that made me excited to learn more as the game continued, and I found myself trying to find as many optional dialogue queues as possible to learn even more about her. They complement each other so well in fact, that I would have assumed that they had been paired together many times before, as opposed to this being their first outing together.


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