Dbz krillin and 18

Krillin & C-18

dbz krillin and 18
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DBZ XXX Android 18 and Krillin

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This article is full of spoilers and Dragon Balls, of course. Read at your own risk or please choose another article to read. So, Dragon Ball.

They’re Here!!

When they finally meet, Krillin was afraid of her and 18 initially didn't pay attention to him, as she was more interested in fighting Vegeta and hunting down Goku.
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Krillin and 18 first met when Dr. Gero was defeated by the Z Fighters and he desperately released 17 and 18 as a way to kill the Z Fighters but the two androids instead betrayed Dr. Gero and killed him.

Dragon Ball might not exactly be a romance anime, but it has some of the most iconic couples in pop culture. Perhaps the most unlikely pair of the entire series is Krillin and Android Android 18, on the other hand, couldn't be any more different. Gero with the intent of killing Goku. Sounds like a match made in heaven, huh? Through a strange course of mostly unseen events, the two grew close and eventually married, having a daughter named Marron. But this happily ever after has more going on under the surface, as there are some pretty interesting facts behind this power couple.

Shoutout to all the ladies and fellas with sudden apparent Krillin thirst. But also RIP cuz 18 gonna come for you. Of course I had to make a colored version. And yes, I had to listen to the Lion King theme in the process. Submitted by animationgeek , thank you! Follow up to this one. This is another pallette challenge request for an anonymous user.


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