Austin and ally fanfiction secretly dating

austin and ally fanfiction secretly dating

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Hello, , long time, no see! Ok, so, if you're interested, I have a ton of ideas for more stories since I've been gone a really long time, and updates on another one of them.
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I'm Ally Dawson, as most of you know. We all work together and get along as always. Trish and Dez started dating along the way and got married a little over a year ago. Don't ask how But they are a very cute couple. As for Austin and I, we've been dating since we were fourteen, but it's been a secret.

This is the first chapter Story Story Writer Forum Community. Ally has a secret. She has been secretly dating Dallas and Austin findsout. Soon Ally breaks up with Dallas anlls in love with Austin but, Dallas won't leave Ally alone until she is his. Austin's POV "Austin! I sighed and quickly hid into a store that I have never been to.


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