Sousuke and makoto

Why I think big beefcakes could be Uke/Bottom.

sousuke and makoto
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Blazblue - Carl & Makoto [REMAKE - Huge Dicc version - Japanese version]

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Why I think big beefcakes could be Uke/Bottom.

Sousuke x Momotarou x Makoto

Makoto: Mmmm…. Just a few more minutes. The woman simply nodded and scurried away leaving the poor boy to stare down at his menu, blinking back the hot tears stinging the back of his eyes.
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But damn is it cold…. - The two interact very little in the series.

Sorry in advance for the typos and errors that I might commit! Sousuke, while sitting, kept his hands on his sides, clenching the sheets of Rin's bed as Makoto grind on top of him. This is probably the first and last time he will witness the olive haired teen like this, and Sousuke is doing the best that he can to stop himself from pinning the other boy down and making him moan. Sousuke groaned as he felt the friction between their crutches. Stop this. Although Haru has the hots for Makoto, seeing his best friend act so slutty in front of other people is displeasing. The flushed Makoto turned to his left side to face his best friend.



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