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For a man who at one point vowed celibacy in the name of the Night's Watch, Jon Snow has some serious game. Let's get this out of the way: yes, I'm a shameless Jon and Daenerys Targaryen shipper , and yes, I do know they are related, thank you. They're not twins, and in the context of the wild world of Westeros and beyond, that's enough for me.
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As usual, wanting more smutů Anyways this idea popped into my head for Jon Snow.
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While filming the romantic scenes between Jon and his Wildling lover, Harington and Leslie fell in love in real life. Now five years later, they're engaged and living together.

Jon Snow and Ygritte

As a brother of the Night's Watch, Jon had taken a vow of celibacy, but the red-headed Wildling i. We were looking forward to filming it, because it was so beautifully written, and then when we did it, it's so beautifully lit," Harington told Vulture. I think Jon's the only one on the show who hasn't had sex yet, it seems to be, so that was nice. You're rooting for him to finally, for want of a better word, get laid. Harington added that it was "very strange being naked in front of a hundred or so people" and Leslie told Entertainment Weekly that filming the scene was "a very bizarre experience, but it was completely necessary.

I'm not saying I watch the popular HBO series Game of Thrones solely to view the glorious and well-coiffed escapades of one Jon Snow, but I am certainly not not saying it. Snow, with his brooding eyes and the chip on his shoulder, is the dreamiest part of the series if not the most interesting. Since Season 7 is slowly oh so slowly approaching, it would seem the best way to prepare for the impending doom and gloom of the next season is to hang out with the series most consistently gloomy character, Jon Snow.


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    Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Ygritte (Rose Leslie) had one of the best . In one of Ygritte's best moments, she teased Jon more about sex and.

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