Edge and lita have sex

WWE Edge and Lita make out on the bed in the ring live

edge and lita have sex

Edging Blowjob (ASMR) FANS REQUEST

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It was recently Trish Stratus' birthday , and finding out what she's up to these days was a reminder to all of us of just how big of an impact she had on our pre-adolescent days.
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Here's What Lita From WWE Has Been Up To Since Leaving WWE

WWE: Is AJ the PG-Era Version of Lita?

The lure of a front row ticket to tonight's show in Hershey, PA has proven to be too much for Dale Plummer to handle, so once again the call goes out. And as always, Writer X dons his luchadore mask with the big 'X' on the front and summons his trusty laptop to break down the latest installment of the WWE's flagship program. Alas, the joke just might be on Dale, because new WWE champion Edge has promised the fans that he will celebrate his big win by having sex with Lita in the middle of the ring.

10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Lita

User Name Remember Me? It was a few years ago. I was wondering if they really had sex,or were they just pretending? I doubt it, they weren't still together at the time so probably wouldn't have done, plus they wouldn't want the crowd to see anything if the cover fell off. No all they were doing was laying in a bed in the middle of the ring kissing.

Remember the days when Lita was in an on-screen relationship with Matt Hardy?


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