Tf2 heavy and medic

Medic buddy

tf2 heavy and medic
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Welcome to the TF2 Heavy-Medic Network!

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The Heavy's large pool of health points allows him to soak up a lot of close- range firepower helps greatly in protecting the Medic.
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Heavies are the Russian gunners of Team Fortress 2. Renowned for their role in defense, Heavies are also the biggest target. Armed with a Minigun, a Shotgun and their Fists, they can demolish several things and kill many people and if they are teamed up with a Medic, they can taste the Ubercharge and destroy everything and anything.

He is a German Teutonic man of medicine with a rather tenuous adherence to medical ethics, and the primary healing class of the team. He can typically be found near the front-lines, healing wounded teammates while trying to stay out of trouble. While his Medigun is focused on an ally, wounded teammates will quickly regain health, while unharmed teammates' health will be temporarily topped up. The Medic is the only class capable of regenerating health over time; the longer a Medic stays out of combat, the faster his health will recover. A damaged Medic will regenerate health at a rate of 3 HP per second, which scales up over the following ten seconds to a maximum of 6 HP per second, though carrying the Blutsauger reduces the regeneration rate from to

The term Medic buddy refers to a class that is particularly compatible with the Medic in any offensive or defensive scenario. The following classes are ideal choices for a Medic buddy. Traits they share are above-average health, high damage output, and the ability to deal damage to multiple enemies at one time. One of the most important strategic aspects a Medic can have is the ability to adapt to any situation.


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