Jack and kim have sex

jack and kim have sex
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Hey guys I'm back with another story.
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Disclaimer: I do not own Kickin It. My respect goes to the author of The Bad Girl because she is the one who wrote these smut scenes so.

Kim was stiff as a log, sitting up against Jack's headboard with her legs crossed, watching the steamiest of scenes from the movie: a nonstop montage of Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman having, what looked to be like, sensual, mind-blowing sex. Kim has never experienced such pleasures before, but she found herself getting hotter and hotter with each passing second. And is she insane, or is Jack starting to smell really good?

Jack was sparring with Kim, and Milton with Jerry while Rudy as at his office talking with her mom "Yes mom! I promised you that I'll go to visit you this afternoon. No… Mom… Listen! Mom, I'm not gonna be taking my girlfriend to your house… Of course I have a girlfriend! Look, I'm no bringing my girlfriend to your house, I really love her and I'm sure that you'll ruin everything… Look mom, I'll see you later! Love you too! Jack, here you have the keys of the dojo, take care of them" and with that he left.

Kim walked into the dojo looking for Jack this weekend was their 1 yr anniversary and she wanted to know what he was planning even though he probably wouldn't tell her. Not seeing him around yet she walked into the girl's locker room to change into her GI.


  1. Esdocatchder says:

    for thier 1 yr anniversary Jack takes Kim to Rudy's sucluded cabin what will happen when they get there. will it be just a reagular date/ hangout.

  2. Annett G. says:

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