The l word shane and molly

Sholly Fanfiction Shane Goes After Molly Scene

the l word shane and molly

Leisha Hailey & Rose Rollins - Lesbian Sweaty Sex - The L Word - NO MUSIC

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Molly Kroll, The L Word

The smell of fresh coffee hung in the air. Each time the door to the tiny out of the way coffee shop opened, Molly felt a gush a freezing air follow in the patron.

Shane was originally billed to Moennig as "sexy" and "androgynous". She has elements of realism because "life imitates art and art imitates life". The actress further explained that she related to certain aspects of Shane's storylines because she had previously experienced them. Fellow cast member Leisha Hailey who plays Alice Pieszecki also disagreed and believed that Shane was more androgynous. Moennig told Karman Kregloe from AfterEllen.

This has been a long time coming. The L Word ended in , so it has in fact taken me about 1, rewatches to get here, I wish I was exaggerating.


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