When do arizona and callie start dating

Arizona Robbins

when do arizona and callie start dating
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Callie and Erica start dating but break up in the beginning of season 5. they have a huge fight, it comes out that Arizona hasn't forgiven Callie for what she did .
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Will Arizona & Minnick Start Dating On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Their Kiss Changes Everything

Callie & Arizona: 12 Most Memorable Moments

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Callie Torres

This week's season finale finally revealed how our beloved Arizona Robbins would take her final bow, and it was still emotional, even if we may have seen it coming. Though fans didn't want her to go, and despite the fact that there was plenty more story to explore with her character, the way Arizona left Grey's Anatomy fit in perfectly with the pediatric surgeon everyone has come to know and love. She had some sweet final moments with Alex, which is a relief given how much they've grown together and how they haven't had a ton of screen time together lately. Where it really took a weird turn was when Arizona said she had been texting Callie and smiling every time! No matter how badly Callie and Arizona ended, apparently the show deems it acceptable to have Calzona as the endgame. A questionable decision for many fans, to be sure, and one that we won't even see the effects of since Jessica Capshaw is leaving the show. Calzona fans will be thrilled, though, for sure.


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