Come and sit on my face

Would you like to sit on my face?

come and sit on my face
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/come sit on my face first/

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While I originally laughed at this, some serious issues can come with this. I wish you would sit on my face so I can guess your weight!.
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Sit on My Face

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Some people are reporting that when they type "sit on" while texting on their Android phones, the devices suggest "my face and" may be the next thing they want to type., Would you like to sit on my face?

The opening gives way to the voices of The Fred Tomlinson Singers singing "Sit on my face and tell me that you love me. The song opened the film Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl , where it was lip-synched by Graham Chapman , John Cleese , Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones dressed as waiters in a performance which, at the suggestion of Python touring member Neil Innes , [1] ended with them revealing their bare backsides. At the end of this rendition the four men turned their backs to face a portrait of George Harrison , thereby revealing their naked buttocks and effectively mooning the Albert Hall audience. More recently it was featured as an animated number in A Liar's Autobiography , performed by the London Gay Men's Chorus, both on the recorded soundtrack and live, as a flash mob, during the screening shown during the London Film Festival. The song also opened the second half of Monty Python's reunion shows where it accompanied a suggestive dance routine by the strong dance ensemble, with Eric Idle and Michael Palin encouraging an audience singalong. Prior to the album's release, Monty Python received legal threats for alleged copyright infringement due to the use of the tune of "Sing as We Go".

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