Glee blake and melissa dating

We've Got Glee Scoop! Plus, Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner Talk About Their Real-Life Engagement

glee blake and melissa dating
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Melissa Benoist - Wrecking Ball (Glee)

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A Surprise Glee Wedding: Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner Are Married!

Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner, One of "Glee's" Real-Life Couples, The pair met on set back in and dated quietly for a year before.
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Blake Alexander Jenner born August 27, is a year-old American singer and actor who is the incumbent winner of the second season of The Glee Project. The youngest of four brothers, Mike, Derrick and Richard, Jenner was interested in music and film growing up. He began playing drums, writing short stories and acting them out at school starting when he was nine years old. While performing in plays throughout middle school and high school, he also appeared in television commercials. Jenner was in a relationship with his highschool sweetheart, Maria Correa, who moved from her hometown to live with him in LA. They dated for 3 years. They were reported to be engaged in July

If all you need is love, then it certainly was the trendiest accessory on last night's TrevorLIVE red carpet. For Blake Jenner Ryder and Melissa Benoist Marley , it was really the first time the couple opened up about their life together and recent engagement. She's just awesome. And she's a fantastic cook! Melissa's signature dish—roasted red peppers stuffed with quinoa, goat cheese, basil, and pine nuts—may have been the way to Blake's heart, but it was his character and sense of self that sealed the deal for her. That's the most important thing. So with that said, you would think the couple would want to be paired together on-screen now that Jake has cheated on Marley.


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