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The Quest for Beauty Gives Way to Ugliness

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Kimber Henry

She was portrayed by Jessalyn Gilsig., Sign in.

TV Yearbook

Gina Russo

Kimber, the porn star turned porn mogul turned coke addict, cultist and meth-head, has been tussling with her ex-boyfriend and former plastic surgeon, Dr. I paid my dues, and I want some overnight success. It feels less and less like a moralizing satire on the ruthlessness of vanity and more and more like a joyless exploration of desperate sex hatched in a windowless building of a strip mall in the San Fernando Valley. The show has become bleaker as it has become more grotesquely farcical. Suffice it to say that there has been at least one gastrointestinal accident in a hot tub. No one is left unmolested physically, psychically, spiritually.

And in case you've never seen the show, no, they didn't marry for love. Sex and the City 2. The answer: kind of. You see me in a towel and you realize that I've just had sex and I'm coming out of the shower because I needed to be clean. Murder via teddy bear stuffing machine?


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    Nip/Tuck: Sex and Surgery by Charlotte Mae on Prezi

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