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It was , and I was freaking out. - I thought I'd write one, just for the fun of it.

Ally is an art student at Phoenix University when she meets Austin An Austin&Ally version of the original story Naked Desire by Oriana de la.
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Austin started to greet me but cut himself off, "Damn, you look great. How come Ally welcomed me at her door, and my eyes widened at her revealing outfit. Once I'm naked, you can answer questions for sexual favors.
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Austin and Ally had just finished practicing before they went for lunch. Ally left early for a "Family emergency" so Austin left for the music room. Austin and Ally both had big secrets, they weren't always the perfect little teenagers with amazing records of hating teenage fads, they were like normal teenagers.

The store is not open since Lester Dawson is away on one of his conventions Suddenly the room goes dark, the sound of Austin's guitar disappear and Dez scream like a scared 5 year old girl. That happen once a month. Some sort of glitch I think. We should have power back online about 5 hours from now. Get a brain, man! The power is offline.

Hey guys! Long time no see… So I know I haven't been very active lately. I will be continuing the story Austin Moon , but for now I'm taking a break. This story is not my original story.


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