Ichigo and lucy fanfiction

ichigo and lucy fanfiction
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Welcome one and all to my latest story. - I honestly have no idea if this will be all that good in regards to keeping all of the characters in Bleach in character, but for any of you that are willing to give this insanity a shot, I thank you.

Hello welcome! I hope you enjoy it, I kind of had this idea with me for a while! Leave some pointers or anything! Chapter One. It's the day of the Grand Magic Games, which is being held in a stadium in the capital called Crocus, which is located in Fiore. The stadium is packed to with people all over Fiore, everyone was cheering flags are being waved around, the majority of the people were cheering for Sabertooth.

Dont read if you havent finished the Edolas Arc in Fairy Tail. There are minor spoilers. In the Soul Society after the battle with Aizen and Ichigo already has his powers back. For some reason he spends most of his time in the Soul Society much to everyone's dismay. He had been sparring with Ikkaku in Squad 11's barracks when Ikkaku, Yumichika and himself were summoned to go see the Head Captain. I seem to believe I was winning back there. If you want we can settle this right here," Ichigo challenge Ikkaku with his hand on Zangetsu's hilt.


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    Fairy Tail Reaper Chapter 1, a Bleach + Fairy Tail Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

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    The Fairy That Touched the Moon Chapter 1, a Bleach + Fairy Tail Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

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